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Jump to latest follow status not open for further replies. My a4 201002 accepted login code generate in web but not work dvd in moving my have 2 slot sd card and 6 cd, i think is mmi 3g low. This is a big question amongst the enthusiasts out there to able to recode their module to a eurospeccayenne tune or possibly swap modules from older years and then recode those to work. In this short video i show how i upload the porsche cayenne transmission map on my t3 touareg tdi 2012. These coding changes apply to 2015 t3 touareg, and may be similar on many other vw and audi. Enable vim tvplayback using vcdsvag com in your audi mmi. Older vcds versions may not support all of the model years. How to brick your car by looking for hidden options by paul wagenseil 12 august 2014 many cars have hidden entertainment and communication features. Touareg 7p 7 novembre 2014 touareg 7p 1 commentaire.

Several thousand obd2compatible vehicles have been tested by our customers with klavkarr. Summary of vagcom tweaks for the touareg t37p club. V8 emblems on quarter panels, debadged trunk, carbon dinoc film, yellow fog lights, 20 porsche rims in black gloss, 2 drop, leds all around, blinker hack, custom cai, fabspeed full exhaust, limo tint, red caliper paint with 8 brembo decals, gloss black dinoc tinted reflectors. Click the select button under select control module 5. Also have the dynaudio option a musthave for music lovers. The vw vag com scanner you need plus free tech help from true vw experts. Searching is always an option, but having a central location to find the most pertinent. Vag vcds hex can usb interface have update to the latest version v15.

Browse volkswagen touareg wheels, brakes and tires listed on ebay. Touareg v6 tdi egr manipulation via vcds im going to try this, and prefer it to physical blanking or disabling entirely, as this way the engine will still correctly calculate the fueling based on the air moving past the maf and exhaust gases being introduced post maf via egr. Vw touareg 7l how to change comfort turn signals coding. Easily find where your obd2 port connector is located in volkswagen touareg 2002 2010 using our search engine. Obd scanners discussions on using on board diagnostic obd scanners diagnostic equipment related to tdis. Do not forget to press the rep and thanks buttons if i helped.

Added a search box to the chassis selection function on the autoscan screen. Anyone else not able to do anything or am i missing a login or security code. Now we can start a repository for all things vagcom for the 7p touareg. Vcds works well with all engines available in the u. Obd2 connector location in volkswagen touareg 2002 2010. Check that the klavkarr diagnostic scanner will work with your car. On our 2004 touareg v8, we had the following options enabled from the factory. Rosstech is not responsible for any damage or problems that may result from following these instructions. Can bus gateway removing, installing and upgrading. If you have the nav fitted to your treg, then indeed it will be the rns 850 and the firmware update will be applicable if not a 2014 model.

Im posting up my autoscan in hopes rosstech can help the community out in figuring this out. Obd connector location for volkswagen touareg 2002 2010 you will find below several pictures which will help you find your obd connector in your car. Jul 18, 2009 now, this is something for the audi folks. Vw touareg 7l how to change comfort turn signals coding obd vw diagnostic scanners 1 vagcom 409. Support for new 16bit 5baud conrtol module addresses. Codierungen codierungsmoglichkeiten anpassungen des vw touareg ii 7p. Vcds upload porsche cayenne transmission map on vw touareg. New touareg 3, rns 850 firmware update 4x4 community forum. General information about this model can be found in the wikipedia entry. Or you can just have a look around torrent sites for cracked full versions of it and save yourself.

Full forum listing top photos go to showcase franky619 22 d ago. When purchasing a car, always confirm the single figure price with. Touareg v6 tdi egr manipulation via vcds im going to try this, and prefer it to physical blanking or disabling entirely, as this way the engine will still correctly calculate the fueling based on the air moving past the maf and exhaust gases. This area is dedicated to all general discussion concerning car audio, video, security, incar mp3, navigation systems, satellite radio and more. I am a bit of a technology junkie and also passion for good home theater systems etc. How to brick your car by looking for hidden options toms guide. Touareg coding changes for radio, seat belt warning, and. How to brick your car by looking for hidden options tom. Windows 2000 windows xp windows vista windows 7 windows 8 windows 10. I frequently look for firmware and software updates on all tech i own this is more than. Enable vim tvplayback using vcdsvagcom in your audi mmi. Vcds interface original plan support update online and latest car models. See the menu to the left of the page for links to other languages. Also remember these leads only work with version 409.

I was advised to post my own thread about recoding the transmission control modules for the late model touareg s. Vcds, as distributed by rosstech, llc worldwide, is in english only. If your audi is equipped with a mmi tvmodule or a dvdplayer, security restrictions have been applied to stop videoplayback while your car is moving above a certain speed threshold. The role of the gateway also known as the data bus diagnostic interface j533 is the exchange of data between the can data bus systems powertrain can data bus, convenience can data bus and infotainment can data bus and the conversion of diagnostic data from can data bus systems to kcable and vice versa so the data can be used by vehicle diagnosis, testing and. Vxdas here provides some trouble shootings and specific car list for you. This feature is also called vim video in motion lock.

Volkswagen compatible obd2 and elm327 outils obd facile. While our program has been translated into other languages, these translations are available through the authorized distributors who have made the translations. Price shown is a price guide only based on information provided to us by the manufacturer. Vcp codieren, vcp system, vcds codierung, vagcan professional.

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