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The ford mustang shelby gt500 is the quickest streetlegal. In car and driver s testing, the mustang gt500 was the fastest in the quartermile, completing the 1,320foot dash in 11. The zl1 1le is the more consistent car that will probably put up a faster time after 3 or 4 laps. There will be loads of carbon fiber parts for the car, too. Thats 470 pounds heavier than the winning ford mustang shelby gt500 at 4059 pounds and 643.

Oct 31, 2019 the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 is a future classic, and unlike its predecessors, the car is memorable for more than just going fast in a straight line. As the most powerful and quickest factory mustang ever, the ford mustang shelby gt500 blends modern sports car performance with iconic muscle car presence. The gt500 does flex its muscle in its postquartermile performance, hitting 150 mph in 15. But in these more enlightened times, simply typing 2207hp smackdown. Come back in a few months to see how it fares in our annual best driver s car. And then, as quickly as the car s dualclutch transmission can. That car had 662 supercharged horsepower, so you might think that the 2020 gt500, with its 700plus hp. Driving the shelby gt500, the most powerful car ford has ever. To nominate the 2020 ford mustang gt500r to participate in next years motortrend best driver s car is a nobrainer. We cant entirely blame ford here itd be hard to add automatic emergency braking to a car this powerful.

After a day driving around las vegas, i found something that surprised me. Thats a hell of an accomplishment for a frontengine, rear drive car that makes nearly 150 more horsepower than a. Mar, 2019 ford famously claimed that the 20 shelby gt500 was good for 200 mph in a straight line. Items we know are coming are a carbon fiber rear wing, carbon fiber wheels, and.

We cant give you a real gt500 or the leeway to take one for a. I took my tester to starbucks and through the back streets of las vegas. Nov 19, 2019 the manuallyshifted gt350 is more pure and is the true driver s car of the two. Thats not because of any failing on the part of the gt500. I wonder why suddenly it gets marked as a detraction for the car. The 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 with 760 horsepower faces off against the 650hp chevy camaro zl1 1le. When most people think of ford performance, the name shelby comes to mind. Nevertheless, its still quite potent, and even though the clutch pedal is a tad heavy, the gt500 is a remarkably easy car to drive. Car and driver brings the worlds largest car magazine to youtube. This latest shelby american performance car earned its sports car and performance image on road race circuits across america. We bring you the latest and greatest from the worlds automotive industry.

Theres nothing quite like the howl of a flatplane crank v8 to focus the mind. Oct 29, 2019 the new one is down from the last gt500s 200plusmph top speed, but that car was a true dinosaurnot a good one like my gt, but a big, dumb, clumsy one like an apatosaurus or diplodocus my. Jun, 2019 the late automotive designer and racing driver would swoon, then, for the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500, fords most powerful production car to date. Between 2006 to 2019, toyota has been represented in gt500 by its luxury vehicle brand, lexus, after the retirement of the toyota supra from the series. We cant give you a real gt500 or the leeway to take one for a drive when youre supposed to be sitting at home watching your loved ones.

I remember the stick shift and i remember watching the tach go up and down as the car accelerated and slowed. Fords most incendiary pony car loses a whole lot of weight underhood and gets the performance and handling it has always deserved. The most powerful ford ever is as happy on a twisty track as it is on a drag strip, fox news. He began his involvement with ford motor company in 1962 by installing. Ford performance chief engineer tells why new shelby gt500 is. Discussion in shelby gt500 mustang started by jarstang, feb 12, 2020. The car, which bears vin 001, is painted in candy apple green in homage to the 1968 shelby gt500 prototype known as the green hornet. The 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 is no onetrick pony. And its easier to drive thanks to the electricassist power steering. Car and driver is renown in the media world as being the most fair and balanced magazine out there even jason camissa said their testing parameters are the best in the industry. The shelby gt500s single powertraina 760hp supercharged 5.

Carlos lago takes us through the details of this pony car brute, from the details. The first owner took delivery of the car in september of that same year, finished in its original coat of lime gold green. Car and driver drag races camaro zl1, mustang gt500 and. Build your own paper ford mustang shelby gt500 car and driver. Oct 26, 2019 building for more than a year, the hype surrounding the 2020 shelby gt500 had revved nearly as high at the car s 7,500rpm redline. Oct 29, 2019 the 760horsepower shelby gt500 is the most powerful factoryproduced car ford has ever made.

Shop 2010 ford shelby gt500 vehicles for sale at cars. Why, just last month, we estimated car and driver s carbon footprint. The gt500 cftp is the faster car lap for lap, at least on many tracks. As always, the driver and track conditions are critical, and. However, it is so close, and represents such a huge leap forward in dynamic capability for the mustang gt500, that you really have to view this as a tie. The 2020 ford shelby mustang is a savage, dailydriver muscle car. If i was ford i would be taking a look at that gt500 when it comes back into inventory.

Run both cars all out at vir for 10 laps and i think the 1le will come in first. We cant give you a real gt500 or the leeway to take one for a drive when youre supposed to be. We were invited by ford to come to las vegas to experience all 760 horsepower. Oct 29, 2019 on the whole, ford has created something that drives, acts and looks like no other car in the mustang lineup. The challenger hellcat redeye widebody weighed in at a portly 4529 pounds. Jan 16, 2020 the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 vs. The top class in super gt, gt500, is dominated by the three largest automakers in japan nissan, honda, and toyota. The shelby gt500 comes with its fair share of airbags, but safety tech isnt a strong suit. The gt350 has been lauded for its communicative steering and the update to the 2020 gt500 knuckles and front suspension geometry was deemed to be an improvement. Weve just tested a 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 on a test track, and it shot to 60 mph in 3. Camaro zl1 1le vs challenger hellcat redeye drag race, drifting and on track. After only one session, it was identified as the car most likely to end up in the dirt. The 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 has a top speed limited to.

The c8 corvette and shelby gt500 have stirred up more buzz than anything else thats come from the motor city in recent memory. I tried all the tricks in my test drivers kit but one. Why, just last month, we estimated car and drivers. Oct 29, 2019 the ford mustang shelby gt500 stakes its claim as the fastest production mustang ever. Sportscar handling, massive power, prescient paddle shifters. Mar 11, 2020 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 test drive. Horsepower is nothing if the rest of the car makes. And after the extremely successful shelby gt350, which finished a sharply creased second place in our 2019s best driver s car, ford brought in even heavier artillery with a load more horsepower. Youtuber speed phenom posted a video today claiming that his gt500 is the first customer car on a drag strip. The gt500 is a car someone could drive daily to and from an office park. Mar 17, 2020 a video on youtube, however, shows flipped results. To correct the image issue, iacocca called carroll shelby and asked if he could make the mustang into a sports car with a winning performance image.

If you didnt catch that piece, know that its sasquatch large. The gt500 is quicker than any of its siblings, obviously, with a 3. The late carroll shelby texas chicken farmerturned race car driver then race team manager and car builder has long been credited with helping ford create the first highperformance mustang. The 2020 ford shelby mustang is a savage, dailydriver. We should all know the facts in the not too distant future. Learn more about price, engine type, mpg, and complete safety and warranty information. Like i do in a hellcat, i tried launching in second gear, but the car wouldnt allow it. The base car needed just 100 feet to stop and the cftpequipped gt500 only 94 feet. Oct 29, 2019 in this video, we unleash the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 s 760 horsepower on public roads and the racetrack. Reserve your ford mustang shelby gt500 driving experience today. The largely aero, suspension, and lightweight package alters the gt500s demeanor from criminally loud, fast, fun, wellsorted, and highly predictable sports car with more. The gt500s driving modes give the driver a number of ways to. Drive a ford mustang shelby gt500 on a racetrack near you. The gt350 also has just that extra little bit of hardedge sound thanks to its skyhigh 8,200 rpm redline.

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