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Jackson game and fish biologists will host a lake trout fishing discussion involving jackson lake from 6 to 7. The most common and popular spots for winter anglers are jenny lake, jackson lake, and phelps lake. The water of the lake averages below 60 f 16 c, even during the summer. Although trout are wyomings headliner, wyoming also provides some pretty good bass fishing. Worldcast anglers is an orvis endorsed outfitter, full service fly shop and destination travel provider located in jackson hole, wyoming and victor, id.

Grand teton national park is an american national park in northwestern wyoming. Jackson lake is easily accessible, while getting to jenny lake and phelps lake require snowshoes or. Stay up to date on all wyoming game and fish news either by email or text message. The fish species present in grand teton national park vary widely in shape, size and behavior. Fishing licences may be purchased in the park at the colter bay marina, signal mountain marina, or dornans fly shop. Lander area fisheries offer more variety with tiger trout and kokanee. On and along the shores of jackson lake the following dead, nongame fish. Launch your boat from leeks marina, colter bay and signal mountain lodge. The reservoir is popular for boating, waterskiing, jetskiing, camping, and highly acclaimed beaches. List of fishes of yellowstone national park wikipedia. To protect fish populations, jackson lake is closed to fishing in october for the month, and some bait types and fishing equipment varieties may be restricted as well. Jackson reservoir is a 2,967 acre water at full capacity. Numerous species of fish inhabit the lake including nonnative brown and lake trout and the native snake river finespotted cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish. Onestopshop for fishing and boating locations in wyoming.

Stomach samples from lake trout sampled from jackson lake yield few cutthroat trout harper et al. Fishing is regulated according to wyoming state laws. Jackson lake fishing report, updated weekly to keep up on. Bundle up and head out to grand teton national park to go ice fishing. This site is designed to help you identify wyoming s most common game fish. While it may not seem like a hot spot for lake fishing, wyoming has a plethora of water thats home to more than 22 species of fish, including trout, walleye, catfish, bass, sunfish, yellow perch, salmon and whitefish. Jackson lake wyoming fishing, camping, boating alltrips. All fishing regulations listed may not reflect the species found in the lake or flowage.

Regional angler newsletters fisheries and hatcheries crews across the state compile a newsletter for their locality, providing valuable information regarding not only what they are doing, but also providing information on local fishing hot spots and conditions. There are over 15 islands in the lake, including the largest, elk island, and donoho point. Covering nearly 80 river miles this fishery is the centerpiece watershed of our area and is home to the coveted snake river finespotted cutthroat and a small population of brown trout. Jackson lake is ranked one of the top 15 park beaches by reserve america. The fish of yellowstone national park, in idaho, montana and wyoming u. When yellowstone national park was created in 1872, 40% of the parks waters were barren of fish, including most alpine. Wyoming lakes fishing map, stocking information and tips. Fish and fish parts may not be used as bait, again with the exception of jackson lake, where dead, nongame fish species, such as utah chub, mottled sculpin, dace and redside shiners may be used. Tiger trout and kokanee salmon, two fish species new to the lander region, are being caught in good numbers by anglers.

Talk to experts about jackson lake trout sports extras. Jackson lake state park attracts many visitors in northeastern colorado. Ice fishing on jackson lake, colter bay jackson lake. The upper snake freshwater ecoregion includes most of southeastern idaho and extends into small portions of wyoming, utah, and nevada, including major freshwater habitats such as jackson lake. The rivers most popular fishing begins below the small dam at jackson lake and extends through the jackson hole valley to the palisades reservoir. Jackson lake is closed to all fishing from october 1 to october 31.

It is important for anglers to know how to identify the fish species they seek so they can comply with regulations and aid in the conservation of the valuable resource. Cutthroat, brook and brown trout, salmon, and pike fill the lakes deep waters. Use the small senkos in pearl and green pumpkin on a wacky rig and hit the sea walls. Angling for trout has been a pastime in the park since its creation and trout species dominate the fish inhabiting the park. Wyoming game and fish department native fish species of. In october, the wyoming game and fish departments jackson fish management crew conducted their annual lake trout sampling on jackson lake in grand teton national park. The lake is the remnant of large glacial gouging from the neighboring teton range to. Over four nights from october 1518, the jackson fish managers set 28 short duration gill nets in jackson lake and caught a total of 161 lake trout. Despite what you may hear and read elsewhere, the lake trout is a magnificent and unusual fish that maintains a now historic residence in a variety of jackson hole waters including jenny, leigh.

Fish the wood cover and fish very tight with spinner baits with bright blades and floating lizards. They are the focus of the majority of angler attention, but do not make up the largest percentage of the angler catch rate. Grand teton national park fishing regulations usa today. Lake trout in jackson lake are fat and happy buckrail. For smallmouths, flaming gorge, grayrocks and keyhole reseervoirs are good bets. As a result, only 35% of the fish fauna above the falls, and 40% of the wood rivers fish fauna, are shared with the lower snake river. Jackson lake is a big attraction during hunting season with its terrific waterfowl hunting. Signal mountain lodge offers guided fishing trips on jackson lake from may 19 to september 16. Numerous species of fish inhabit the lake including brown trout, lake trout and cutthroat trout, as well as pike and salmon.

The largest of the char family, lake trout, also referred to as mackinaw, can reach enormous proportions, in the range of 50 inches and 100 pounds. Jackson hole, wyo more than a few monster lake trout were caught out of jackson lake earlier this past fall. Jackson lake, wyoming, usa vacation info lakelubbers. For more information visit the wyoming game and fish website at gf. Anglers, boaters, or naturalists realizing theres too much fun for just one day enjoy the variety of water or landbased recreation. Anglers can expect quality fishing for walleye, saugeye, wiper, channel catfish, crappie, and trout. Please check to make sure there is public access and water available for fishing.

The cutthroat trout, named for the red slash under the lower jaw, feeds mainly on insects and smaller fish. For complete fishing laws and regulations, consult the wisconsin state statutes chapter 29 or the administrative code of the department of natural resources. Ice fishing is allowed in the winter months as well. From where you park your car at colter bay you can walk as little or as far as you would like onto the lake.

Wyoming game and fish department lake trout netting on. The cutthroat oncorhynchus clarki deserves to be state fish, as it is the only trout that is native indigenous to wyoming. Licences are available in town at various fishing shops. Jackson lake is in grand teton national park in northwestern wyoming. It has a crimson slash on either side of the throat, below the lower jaw. And you too, still have a chance at some of these newtothearea species this fall.

The top 33 ft 10 m of the lake is utilized by farmers in idaho for irrigation purposes. Fly fishing the snake river jackson hole, wyoming jack. The use or possession of any fish, fish eggs real or artificial, fish parts, or corn for bait is prohibited in all park and parkway waters except jackson lake. Lake trout grow big and fat in jackson lake sports. This natural lake was enlarged by the construction of the jackson lake dam, which was originally built in 1911, enlarged in 1916 and rebuilt by 1989. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the full wyoming game and fish and idaho fish and game regulations. Jackson lake, grand teton national park fishing, camping. Diy guide to the best fly fishing in grand teton national.

Explore the lake with a motorboat, a sailboat or kayak. The closest airport to grand teton national park is in jackson hole, wyoming, but in the late spring and early summer, it is easy enough to fly into the yellowstone airport to the north. Wyoming game and fish department fisheries biologist clark johnson, left, netted a wouldbe state record 9 14pound utah sucker while surveying for lake trout this fall on jackson lake. Lake trout are mostly gray above, with a white belly and creamy mottling on the back, turning in to spots along the sides. You may see a few other people out there ice fishing, or skiers skinning. Jackson lake, wyoming reports, lake info, pictures fishing. Jackson lake is located in northwestern wyoming, just south of yellowstone national park. The utah chub lives in warm, shallow, slowmoving water. It is in the heart of grand teton national park, one of the most spectacularly picturesque parks in the united states. Jackson lake dam to the wyoming highway 22 bridge wilson bridge and all streams. Jackson lake is a beautiful lake inside grand teton national park. There are many campsites around the lake with access to the swim beach and. Grand teton national park is only 10 miles 16 km south of yellowstone national park, to which it.

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